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8 Easy Sugar-Free Easter Gifts

Sugar-free and limited sugar diets are becoming more and more common. If you have a diabetic, a dieter, a baby/toddler, or just a nice healthy bunny to buy for this Easter, it’s time to start thinking of gifts that don’t come wrapped in colourful foil! Today we start you off with eight easy sugar-free Easter gifts, from our exciting range of Easter gift baskets and beyond.

  1. Wine
    Although it’s for the over-18s only, wine is almost universally appreciated. You can cover even more bases by simply choosing a gift hamper with wine included, like the Sweet Chandon Hamper or the Boutique Red Wine Hamper.
  2. A Book
    Most people have some time off over Easter, even if it’s only a long weekend. Give them something a little healthier to engross themselves in, other than a small mountain of chocolate! Book vouchers are usually the best idea, unless you have a very special read in mind.
  3. Chips and Salsa
    Everybody will be sitting around, chatting and snacking – salsa plus some sort of chip or cracker will disappear before you know it. Our Premium Beer Hamper, Organic Cider Hamper and Boutique Red and White Wine Hampers all include the tantalising selection of Random Harvest Hampers.
  4. Flowers
    Easter is supposed to be a time of renewal and new life (even though we celebrate it in autumn!). Stay in Easter ‘character’ with some beautiful fresh flowers. Asters, chrysanthemums, canna lilies, tiger lilies, campanulas and dahlias are in season.
  5. Hatching Egg Toys
    Available from most toy shops, these plaster eggs have a small toy reptile inside which expands when wet. You put the toy in water and it slowly hatches over a couple of days!
  6. Plastic Eggs Filled With Treats
    Want to buy a hamper for Easter, but also want to do the traditional Easter hunt? There’s no need to cave and buy chocolate eggs or jellybeans after all – split up some of the boxes of treats from the hamper into plastic eggs, which can be bought at craft, fabric and department stores. You can then safely hide them in the garden!
  7. Pyjamas
    In Australia, we’re starting to notice chillier nights around Easter time. Pyjamas are a surprisingly common sugar-free gift for Easter time.
  8. Dukkah Sets
    If you haven’t yet tried dukkah, you’re missing out! Fresh bread, dipped in olive oil and then this spice and seed mix is heavenly. We incorporate a special Talinga Grove dukkah set with olive oil and dipping bowl in many of our hampers, including the Gourmet Entertaining Hamper.

Easter doesn’t have to end with a trip to the dentist this year – expand your horizons with one of these sugar-free gifts, or better yet, an Australian Gourmet Gifts Easter Hamper!

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