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Credit Card Processing

Australian Gourmet Gifts uses the SecurePay product ESEC to securely process online credit card payments.

SecurePay’s Payment Servers take advantage of firewall protection and IP restriction, limiting server access only to trusted parties.

Transaction data, including customer credit card details, sent between SecurePay clients and the SecurePay Payment System is encrypted using 1024-bit PKI encryption, which is considered realistically unbreakable.

Secure data entered into the SecurePay website is also encrypted using a 256-bit SSL certificate.

Customers’ credit card numbers are never openly stored within the SecurePay System. Transaction data is stored with a truncated PAN – an abbreviated version of the credit card number – so that merchants can still distinguish transactions, while full credit card details are never stored.

With Periodic Payments, where a customer’s credit card number must be stored, the PAN is encrypted using SecurePay’s strong encryption methods and stored as a binary string, ensuring protection. This encrypted number can only be decrypted by SecurePay’s software and is never disclosed, even to system operators.

SecurePay ensures merchants’ and their customers’ security using only the latest and strongest measures available. Research and development in this area are continuous to keep SecurePay’s Payment System up-to-date and truly secure.

Australian Gourmet Gifts
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