Christmas In July Gift Ideas? Try Deluxe Christmas Hampers!

Christmas In July Gift Ideas

Christmas hampers

The much-loved Christmas in July trend is growing in popularity and with that comes the desire to give more gifts. But finding the perfect gift twice in one year can be difficult, particularly if you are on a budget. Are Christmas hampers appropriate? Or should you go with a more personal present? It’s time to go Christmas shopping!

What is expected for Christmas in July?

As you might expect, Christmas in July is just like Christmas in December. It is essentially an unofficial mid-year seasonal holiday that gives friends, family and co-workers an excuse to get together and enjoy one another’s company.

Are you wondering whether or not you are expected to give gifts or cater just as you would for the official Christmas holiday? It isn’t uncommon for the day to flow the exact same way it would in December, however there are minor differences.

Typically, gifts are given ‘secret Santa’ style, so you may be asked to buy one special gift rather than gifts for everyone you know. Catering is embraced with fun and friends in mind and can be as traditional or original as you choose. Many even opt for a ‘pot luck’ style lunch as it reduces the stress and lessens the load for everyone.

Gifts ideas for Christmas in July

If you are confused by the expectations of gift giving, you aren’t alone. But Christmas in July is supposed to be fun, so look for novelty gifts or things that can be enjoyed here and now, rather than sentimental options. Consider gifts like these as appropriate:

  • Technology – Gadgets are high on everyone’s wish list. A digital device, like a fitness tracker, or a camera to use at your mid-year celebration would make a handy Christmas in July present.
  • For the cook – Need a present for the foodie in your life? Gift them the latest celebrity cookbook, apron and wooden spoon. It’s cute and practical!
  • Gag gifts – Everyone knows a joker, and gag gifts are the easiest way to impress them. Keep it tasteful if you’re celebrating in a large group!
  • Board games – Games night anyone? It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult, there is a board game out there that will guarantee some quality time together.
  • Christmas hampers – For friends, family or simply that ‘hard to buy for’ associate, Christmas hampers offer a practical, stylish gift option. With products for foodies, wine lovers or those with a sweet tooth, a hamper filled with quality gourmet ingredients will be a guaranteed winner!

Christmas in July does not need to be stressful. Have fun with gift giving and know that whatever you give, the thought will be appreciated. Embrace the mid-year Christmas party and have fun with loved ones over a few delicious treats and the perfect wine. Who needs an excuse to celebrate anyway?

Looking for the perfect Christmas in July gift? Contact us at Australian Gourmet Gifts today for deliciously decadent Christmas hampers your recipients will love!

Gift Hampers For Weddings

Gift Hampers For Weddings

gift hampers

A wedding is an exciting event for the bride and groom, but also for friends and family who come together to celebrate the couple’s lifelong commitment to each other. Celebrations like weddings often call for extravagant gifts to be exchanged. Gift hampers can be the perfect gift for a wedding!

A hamper is a luxurious present that can make a wedding one to remember. If you’ve never considered how a gift hamper can add an indulgent touch to your wedding, here are some ways to give the perfect gift, make the couple’s day run smoothly and even help with catering!

Wedding morning gift ideas

The morning of the wedding can be stressful. In fact, some wedding parties are so busy tending to hair, make up and planning details they forget to eat or drink! A lovely way of making the time before the ceremony one to remember is by sending a gift hamper to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be.

With a deluxe hamper by their sides, they can enjoy some food treats, pop a cork or two, and relax as they prepare for the big event. Make sure the gift hamper is sent at least a week before the wedding to ensure it can be enjoyed while everyone gets ready.

A gift for the bridesmaids or groomsmen

Gift hampers are a great way to say thank you to the bridesmaids and groomsmen for all their help leading up to the wedding and support on the day. Buy a hamper for each attendant so they have something to enjoy after the wedding. They can raise a glass while the happy couple is off on their honeymoon!

Gift hampers make wedding catering easy

There can be so many decisions when organising a wedding, and catering is a major part of it. But it’s not just the main meal you need to consider – how about snacks for the wedding party during photo sessions, or nibbles for the guests while they’re waiting for the bridal party to arrive at the reception?

A gift hamper can be the perfect catering solution, including sweet and savoury treats for every taste, and wine, beer or bubbles if you choose. Help your friends and family keep their energy levels up over a long day. Stylish hampers look great in photos too!

A beautiful gift to take on honeymoon

Gift hampers can make gorgeous wedding gifts for the newlywed couple to take with them on their wedding night or honeymoon. The toasters and crockery will be put aside for later, but a luxury hamper will be a welcome treat as the couple wind down and reminisce over the special event. What a lovely way for a couple to begin married life!

Looking for ways to make an upcoming wedding extra special? Contact the team at Australian Gourmet Gifts and order your deluxe gift hampers today.

Luxury Hampers – The Key To The Perfect First Date!

Luxury Hampers – The Key To The Perfect First Date And Other Special Occasions

luxury hampers

You have been pursuing this special person for months, trying to get their attention. Now the time has finally come. They’ve said yes – and your first date is fast approaching. How are you going to impress them enough to secure a second date? With luxury hampers it isn’t as hard as you think.

The perfect first date

A date doesn’t have be extravagant, expensive or flashy. A little bit of thought goes a long way. Luckily for you there is an option that is affordable and guaranteed to impress, with much less effort than getting a reservation at that ‘on trend’ restaurant you’ve heard about. Luxury, gourmet food and wine hampers are the key to a perfect first date. Here’s why!

Back to basics

You know how it goes: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Forget trying to WOW your date with all the bells and whistles. You’re only creating more things that could potentially go wrong! Why not go back to basics and ensure you get time to make winning memories and meaningful conversation?
A romantic picnic overlooking the ocean, a serene park or scenic mountain tops – the choice is yours when you have a deluxe, indulgent hamper by your side. Get to know each other in a relaxed environment with no waiters to interrupt the flow.
Picture this: the weather is perfect, the grass is freshly cut and you have your picnic blanket laid out with the contents of a luxury hamper ready to enjoy. You laugh over a glass of bubbly, indulge in some gourmet food and finish off with some sweet delicious treats. Your hands touch as you both reach for the last chocolate, your eyes lock and you enjoy your first kiss.
A romantic picnic not only takes the stress out of a first date, anniversary or loving gesture, it keeps the atmosphere as casual, flirty or passionate as you want it to be. Bringing a gourmet hamper to your date or special occasion shows you’ve really thought about how to create a charming, romantic atmosphere. It also shows you have great taste in food and wine!
If you have tried and failed in the past to set up the perfect date, consider luxury hampers your knight in shining armour. Let Australian Gourmet Gifts come to your rescue with an impressive selection of wines, beers, jams or cookies just perfect for sharing with someone you care about. All you need to do now is figure out what to wear!

For luxury hampers sure to secure that second date, visit Australian Gourmet Gifts!

Christmas Hampers In Australia – The Good The Bad The Ugly

Christmas Hampers in Australia – They’re Not All Created Equal!

Christmas hampers Australia

Most people love receiving a hamper at Christmas time, bursting with festive goodies. But unbeknownst to many gift givers, not all Christmas hampers in Australia are made equal. Here are a few things you should consider when buying hampers.

Quality of contents

Superior hampers contain only quality contents. Look for hampers that include respected brands, top shelf produce and superior ingredients. Whether your hamper contains French champagne and Belgian chocolates, or a simple combination of crackers and nuts, skimping on quality turns your good intentions into a bad taste in the mouth.

Age of contents

How fresh are the ingredients in your store-bought food hamper? Department store hampers sit on the shelves for months, sometimes even years at a time. This means that by the time your recipient opens or uses their hamper the ingredients and contents inside may well be past their use by dates. Sadly, you’ll have thrown away your money – and they’ll soon be throwing away their hamper!


A good quality hamper will offer variety in its contents. Gourmet hampers usually get the right balance of sweet and savoury, with something for everyone. A ‘cheap’ hamper is cheap for a reason, with a minimal selection of items that may not be suited to your friend, family or client. For the sake of a couple of extra dollars, get the good stuff!


Presentation is everything! Foodies start judging the moment they lay eyes on the packaging. If you are gifting a hamper to someone serious about food and the finer things in life, a cellophane wrapped basket just isn’t going to get their mouths watering. This is just another way gourmet hampers exceed the standards of run-of-the-mill hampers. Forgo the cheap packaging and step it up with a luxurious boxed hamper. It will be a first impression that lasts!


Last minute gifts don’t have to look impersonal. Corporate gifts don’t have to be pens! Most importantly, you can get an elegant present for everyone you know with no stress and no fuss. Gourmet hampers are 100% guaranteed to impress.
Make your list and check it twice because department store hampers are not nice! Australian Gourmet Gifts has countless options, with free delivery for Christmas hampers in Australia, including a personalised message for your recipient.

If you need affordable gifts for corporate clients or last minute gifts for friends, visit Australian Gourmet Gifts for the highest quality Christmas hampers Australia has to offer!

Save Time This Christmas with a Gourmet Food Hamper

Why not make Christmas a bit easier this year?

Gourmet Food Hamper


Let’s think for a minute. What would be on your shopping list when planning a Christmas gathering? Nuts, cheeses, snacks and nibbles? Red and white wine, a few bottles of bubbly and some premium beer? Sounds fabulous doesn’t it? But who has the time to go from shop to shop when there are still far too many presents to buy and queues of people far too long to contemplate?
The festive season is certainly enjoyable but a trip to the overcrowded local shops can make it stressful. The answer is simple. Order a Christmas gourmet food hamper! Catering? Sorted.

Value for money

Save yourself time and money this Christmas by shopping online. Choose the hamper that ticks off all of your Christmas wish boxes and matches your budget. While you are at it, make sure you throw in something extra to spoil yourself. After all, when you purchase a basket of goodies from Australian Gourmet Gifts you’ll be spoilt for choice.
And if you are stuck for what gift to buy a colleague, family member or a special friend, remember that everyone loves to receive a hamper filled with yummy quality items!

Practical and stylish

Whether you are gifting the Christmas hamper to yourself or to someone else, you’ll know that this is certainly not something that’s going to the back of the cupboard. Everything that is handpicked and included will be used, enjoyed and remembered. And then there’s the basket or cooler box – depending which deluxe hamper your choose – which can be re-used over and over.
Australian Gourmet Gifts offers you the chance to order a gourmet gift hamper this Christmas and have it delivered fast. Packed with products you’d normally bypass in the supermarket thinking they were not affordable, you’ll be spoiling yourself and your guests when the silly season rolls around. Relishes, chutneys, nougat and fine wines – all the little luxuries you’d love to serve your friends and family are included.
With a festive look and feel as well as a price to suit your needs, you really cannot go wrong. If you are entertaining the family this Christmas and are looking for the perfect way to avoid the shops, buy a gourmet food hamper, have it delivered straight to your door and impress your guests. You can always keep your little secret to yourself. We wont tell!
Leave the hassles of shopping to us and celebrate in style this year with a jam-packed, luxury gourmet food hamper!

Save time and money this Christmas by ordering a gourmet food hamper, delivered to your door. Contact us today!

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