Say NO To Corporate Gift Panic! Book Delicious Christmas Hampers With Free Delivery NOW!

Corporate Gifts – 5 Reasons To Book Christmas Hampers Early

Christmas comes but once a year, and yet, somehow, you can still find yourself in a mad rush to source corporate gifts. Don’t let Christmas sneak up on your business this year. Lock in delicious and decadent Christmas hampers for your valued clients NOW and beat that last minute panic. Here are 5 reasons why booking Christmas hampers well in advance makes good business sense.

1. Shorten your to-do list in one easy step

It seems puzzling that Christmas can sneak up each year but it’s hardly surprising when you consider the never-ending list of items to action for a thriving business. And as the year closes out, those demands just keep ramping up. Cross off a major task by organising corporate gifts well ahead of time. Premium Christmas hampers overflowing with fine wines and delectable nibbles make an impressive gift and the free delivery adds a level of invaluable convenience.

2. Set and forget

Christmas might seem like a low priority in August but don’t fall into that trap that catches so many businesses and individuals out every year. Avoid the masses scrambling for gifts in December by selecting Christmas hampers to be delivered during the festive season. Browse the extensive range of gourmet hampers online, order as many as you need, provide delivery addresses and then BREATHE. There’s nothing more for you to do! Corporate Christmas gifts with wow factor – done and dusted.

3. Last minute additions are a breeze

Forgotten a client or colleague or gained some new ones you’d like to send gifts to? It’s just so simple to order additional Christmas hampers. When you’ve locked in the bulk of gifts early, adding a handful more later in the year is a straightforward task.

4. Valued clients and colleagues should never be an afterthought

Last-minute Christmas gifts are pretty easy to spot. The success of your business relies on clients and colleagues. Let them know you could not do it without them by planning early for a gift that reflects their contribution. Christmas hampers using the finest and freshest ingredients are an indulgent gift for anyone. And what better time to enjoy the finer things in life than during the festive season?

5. Stress-free gift-giving

Life is busy and never more so than at the end of the year. Ordering Christmas hampers early means you can concentrate on your business knowing that in December, almost like magic, gorgeous gourmet hampers will be heading out to your clients and colleagues with your sincere thanks. It’s a simple and effective way to strengthen those business relationships.

Don’t let chaos reign this silly season! Simplify corporate gift-giving by booking your Australian Gourmet Gifts Christmas hampers now.

It’s Baby Season! Why Gift Hampers Make GREAT Choices For New Parents!

September Is Baby Season! Why Gift Hampers Make GREAT Choices For New Parents!

Celebrate their little bundle of joy with a special delivery of your own! Here are five reasons gift hampers are the best choice for new mums and dads.

’Twas the night before Christmas…

Ever noticed how there seem to be a LOT of babies born in September? Makes you wonder just how much mistletoe must have been strung up around the place last Christmas!
But first-time parents are often feeling anything but festive once they bring bub home from the hospital. They’re overwhelmed, under-slept and over-stimulated by a constant stream of visitors.
Put down those burp cloths. Return those booties. Hold the teddy bears. What new parents REALLY wish you’d buy for them is a gift hamper!
Here’s why.

1. Convenience

New parents constantly have visitors popping in to see the baby. Why not lend a helping hand by ensuring they have plenty of gourmet nibbles for entertaining?
Sending a celebratory hamper to new parents means you are giving a gift, but you’re also providing the party! Dad won’t have to duck to the shops while mum juggles the newborn – luxury snacks and even a bottle of bubbles will be there, waiting, ready to serve!

2. A special touch

The new parents will open the door to see your beautiful gift hamper, professionally put together and presented, shining up at them like a little ray of sunshine on their doorstop. They’ll be gobsmacked by your thoughtfulness and awestruck by the incredibly quality of the products. Help them enjoy a touch of luxury when they need it most rather than a droopy bouquet of flowers!

3. Something a little cheeky

The brand new parents of a September baby probably indulged in a little Christmas cheer last year. Why not acknowledge their, ahem, gift-giving with a cheeky nod in the form of one of Australian Gourmet Gift’s Christmas gift hampers? Put a smile on their face and wish them a belated joyeux Noel!

4. The gift they can’t grow out of

New parents tend to receive a lot of clothes and toys for their newborn baby. As nice as these gestures may be, the sad truth is that those clothes will only fit for a very short time! New baby clothes, rattles and board books will soon become hand me downs. A gourmet hamper makes no apologies for being enjoyed right here and now!

5. A gift just for them

In the first weeks with a new baby, life goes by in a blur. It’s only a couple of months down the track that a family tends to settle into a routine and parents can reclaim a little bit of time together while bub sleeps. As the onesies and stuffed toys are packed into the nursery, your lucky gift recipients can unwrap a gift just for them! Invite them to catch their breath and enjoy some delicious treats to toast the exciting times ahead.
When babies arrive, the gifts are often all about them. It’s worth celebrating the huge life change the parents have gone through as well. Show them that you understand with luxury food and wine in elegant gift hampers!

Browse the full range of delicious, deluxe gift hampers today at Australian Gourmet Gifts.

Are Gourmet Gift Hampers Good For Families? You Bet!

Are Our Gourmet Gift Hampers Good For Families? Kid Friendly Finds For Whole Family Happiness

You’re after the perfect gift for a special family in your life, but how do you choose something that both parents and kids will love? The growing trend towards kids with sophisticated appetites means delicious gourmet gift hampers are an unexpectedly perfect way to spoil the whole family.

Kids are the new foodies

Remember when kids could be relied upon to turn their noses up at anything gourmet? Well, a survey conducted by online restaurant reservation platform OpenTable noted that 75% of Australian parents said their children preferred to order from the adult menu when dining out! The humble nuggets and chips have gone out of favour, replaced by requests for sushi and macaroons.

This opens a range of possibilities for families when eating out, or for perfect special occasion food treats. What’s more, when kids eat a wider variety of foods, they’re more likely to get all the nutrients their growing bodies need.

Premium gourmet goodies are a better choice

Sourcing healthy foods that are fresh and of the highest quality is a trend being passed on to youngsters whose discerning palates see them devouring foods normally reserved for adults. But as impressive as this is, there’s no denying that overuse of poor quality processed foods is still a problem.

Thankfully health experts aren’t demanding a life devoid of indulgence. In fact, they agree that a balanced diet can include yummy ‘sometimes foods.’ But choose wisely! Eating ice cream is a simple pleasure for children and adults alike. Make the experience extra special with a gourmet chocolate sauce!

Give a family a luxury gift hamper and ensure they enjoy the finest quality goodies.

Sharing food brings families together

Food is a wonderful way to bring people together and parents will delight in seeing their kids savour new flavours and textures as they share a delectable gift hamper together. Simply add one loaf of crusty bread to a fine olive oil and some dukkah for dipping – heaven!

Gift hampers really are a delicious delight for families

Yes, more and more kids are enjoying interesting and international flavours. Platters laid out with gourmet crackers and delicious organic antipasto don’t tend to last long with mini gourmands around. And though some parents may resent having to share gift hampers, with divine delicacies like biscotti and nougat, it’s nice to know that the bottle of red in your deluxe gift is still for the adults alone!

Looking for a single gift to impress a family? Visit Australian Gourmet Gifts to order decadent and delicious gift hampers, a unique and indulgent gift for any family to share.

Why A Christmas Hamper Is The Simple Solution For Client Gifts

Planning Ahead For Christmas – How To Make Bulk Buying Client Christmas Hampers A Breeze

As a successful business, you know how integral your clients are to that success. Ensuring they know you appreciate them is key to maintaining great corporate relationships. This holiday season, knock the gift-giving out of the park by choosing the ease and indulgence of a Christmas hamper.

Cement client relationships with the perfect Christmas gift

Thoughtful gifts send an important message to your clients. Extending corporate Christmas gifts “..allows businesses to wrap up the year on a nice note and start the new year off on a high one,” says Forbes Magazine.

Striking the right balance can be tricky though. Another fancy pen? So overdone! But you don’t want to risk embarrassing your client with something too extravagant or overly personal. That’s why a hamper overflowing with a selection of fine tipples and scrumptious gourmet snacks is a versatile crowd-pleaser. From boutique beer hampers to those filled with Maggie Beer delicacies, you can easily find a Christmas hamper to suit every taste.

Christmas hamper? but it’s only July!

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to find yourself in a last minute panic to arrange those all-important client gifts. But a
little forward thinking ensures seamless gift-giving for your business. Mouth- watering hampers are the perfect way to impress without the stress. And who wouldn’t want to receive an elegantly boxed Christmas hamper filled with decadent premium quality goodies? It’s the perfect accompaniment to any silly season celebration!

Bulk buying client gifts made easy

Organising the perfect gift for a long list of clients can be overwhelming. Eliminate the fuss and keep your focus where it needs to be – on your business – by selecting the perfect Christmas hampers online. Whether ordering 1 or 1000, free delivery to anywhere in Australia and the option of including a personalised note means maximum impact with the minimum of hassle.

Want to spoil each of your staff members with their own delicious hamper? At Australian Gourmet Gifts, orders over $1000 going to a single destination attract a 10% discount. Gift-giving made easy AND budget-friendly!
A gourmet Christmas hamper really is a gift that businesses can rely on to strike the perfect festive note with valued clients and colleagues.

Looking to delight your clients with the ideal corporate gift this festive season?
Visit Australian Gourmet Gifts for a deluxe, affordable Christmas hamper range that’s sure to please.

Christmas In July Gift Ideas? Try Deluxe Christmas Hampers!

Christmas In July Gift Ideas

Christmas hampers

The much-loved Christmas in July trend is growing in popularity and with that comes the desire to give more gifts. But finding the perfect gift twice in one year can be difficult, particularly if you are on a budget. Are Christmas hampers appropriate? Or should you go with a more personal present? It’s time to go Christmas shopping!

What is expected for Christmas in July?

As you might expect, Christmas in July is just like Christmas in December. It is essentially an unofficial mid-year seasonal holiday that gives friends, family and co-workers an excuse to get together and enjoy one another’s company.

Are you wondering whether or not you are expected to give gifts or cater just as you would for the official Christmas holiday? It isn’t uncommon for the day to flow the exact same way it would in December, however there are minor differences.

Typically, gifts are given ‘secret Santa’ style, so you may be asked to buy one special gift rather than gifts for everyone you know. Catering is embraced with fun and friends in mind and can be as traditional or original as you choose. Many even opt for a ‘pot luck’ style lunch as it reduces the stress and lessens the load for everyone.

Gifts ideas for Christmas in July

If you are confused by the expectations of gift giving, you aren’t alone. But Christmas in July is supposed to be fun, so look for novelty gifts or things that can be enjoyed here and now, rather than sentimental options. Consider gifts like these as appropriate:

  • Technology – Gadgets are high on everyone’s wish list. A digital device, like a fitness tracker, or a camera to use at your mid-year celebration would make a handy Christmas in July present.
  • For the cook – Need a present for the foodie in your life? Gift them the latest celebrity cookbook, apron and wooden spoon. It’s cute and practical!
  • Gag gifts – Everyone knows a joker, and gag gifts are the easiest way to impress them. Keep it tasteful if you’re celebrating in a large group!
  • Board games – Games night anyone? It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult, there is a board game out there that will guarantee some quality time together.
  • Christmas hampers – For friends, family or simply that ‘hard to buy for’ associate, Christmas hampers offer a practical, stylish gift option. With products for foodies, wine lovers or those with a sweet tooth, a hamper filled with quality gourmet ingredients will be a guaranteed winner!

Christmas in July does not need to be stressful. Have fun with gift giving and know that whatever you give, the thought will be appreciated. Embrace the mid-year Christmas party and have fun with loved ones over a few delicious treats and the perfect wine. Who needs an excuse to celebrate anyway?

Looking for the perfect Christmas in July gift? Contact us at Australian Gourmet Gifts today for deliciously decadent Christmas hampers your recipients will love!

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