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7 Happy Occasions to Give a Hamper

Christmas has managed to become synonymous with gift hampers over the years – the two words go together like pie and cream! Christmas hampers have carried many a family through a Boxing Day picnic after a lazy day of playing with presents rather than making sandwiches and bolstered many a poor couple’s sore heads after a night of drinking Christmas wine. But they can be lifesavers, lunch delights and little packages of love at any time of the year. Here are our top 10 joyous occasions to give a hamper.

1. Birth of a New Baby

Whether it’s the parents’ first or a subsequent babe, a hamper gives them something quick, easy and delicious to feed all the guests that will drop round to meet the baby, without putting too much effort into ‘entertaining’. Also, while Mum and Dad will have all the nappy bags and baby toys they need for number 2 and beyond, they can ALWAYS do with a delicious snack or drink!

2. First Date

Movies? You won’t talk. Dinner? Can be expensive, and far too many expectations and social pitfalls regarding splitting bills and what to order. Picnic with a gift hamper? Paradise!

3. Parents’ Birthdays

Many parents have everything they need. A hamper is just a great excuse for them to have a relaxing afternoon all to themselves… without having to put any effort in.

4. Valentine’s Day

Much like a first date, Valentine’s Day hampers make life simple, uncomplicated, and flexible. Take as long at the park as you like – drink the wine from your gift hamper or don’t drink the wine – bring the footy to work off all the gourmet treats – and head home full of love.

5. New Year’s Day

Nobody wants to do anything on New Year’s Day – except lay about, chat aimlessly, and use your taste buds to distract yourself from the feeling in your head. Don’t join the queues at KFC – grab a hamper, and your stomach and friends will both thank you.

6. Afternoon Tea with Friends

That’s right, with our jam-packed lives these days, afternoon tea with friends is definitely an occasion. But we (mostly) stopped asking people to bring a plate when we finished up with primary school, and who wants to stand around in the kitchen when you’ve managed to organise a catch-up? Sit out the back drinking wine and nibbling on delicious treats that are all the yummier because someone else made them.

7. Kids’ Birthdays

Have you ever brought a hamper home as your work Christmas gift, or been given one for another occasion? Have you noticed how the kids just dive on it? Kids love hampers because they are like little show bags – packed full of goodies to try and surprises under every piece of paper straw. Kids these days rarely need any more toys or clothes – they need to have fun, and that comes in wicker packaging.

So, don’t ‘hamper’ your gift-giving options by limiting yourself to Christmas as a hamper-buying time! They are fantastic ideas for many occasions.

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