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Gourmet Hampers Melbourne

It’s no surprise that Australian Gourmet Gifts is the first choice for gift baskets and gourmet hampers in Melbourne. When it comes to food, wine, and quality goodies, our gift boxes are the perfect surprise, with free delivery to our Melbourne customers.

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  • Gourmet Sensations Food HamperGourmet Sensations Food Hamper Flatlay
    FREE Delivery

    Gourmet Sensations Hamper

    $94.95 Add to cart
  • Wine Indulgence HamperWine Indulgence Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Wine Indulgence Hamper

    $94.95 Add to cart
  • Maggie Beer Sparkling Ruby Hamper (Non Alcoholic)Maggie Beer Sparkling Ruby Hamper (Non Alcoholic)
    FREE Delivery

    Maggie Beer Sparkling Ruby Hamper

    $104.95 Add to cart
  • Luxury French Sparkling Wine HamperLuxury French Sparkling Hamper Flatlay
    FREE Delivery

    Luxury French Sparkling Hamper

    $105.95 Add to cart
  • James Squire Beer HamperJames Squire Beer Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    James Squire Beer Hamper

    $105.95 Add to cart
  • Barossa Shiraz Wine HamperBarossa Shiraz Hamper Flatlay
    FREE Delivery

    Barossa Shiraz Hamper

    $105.95 Add to cart
  • Barossa Chardonnay Wine HamperBarossa Chardonnay Hamper Flatlay
    FREE Delivery

    Barossa Chardonnay Hamper

    $105.95 Add to cart
  • Penfolds Cab Sauv Wine HamperPenfolds Cab Sauv Wine Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Penfolds Cab Sauv Hamper

    $105.95 Add to cart
  • Little Creatures Beer HamperLittle Creatures Beer Hamper Flatlay
    FREE Delivery

    Little Creatures Beer Hamper

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  • Gourmet Connoisseur Food HamperGourmet Connoisseur Food Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Gourmet Connoisseur Hamper

    $122.95 Add to cart
  • Easter Indulgence Hamper With FudgeEaster Indulgence Hamper With Fudge
    FREE Delivery

    Easter Indulgence Hamper

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  • Penfolds Cab Sauv Easter HamperPenfolds Cab Sauv Easter Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Penfolds Cab Sauv Easter Hamper

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  • Luxury French Sparkling Easter HamperLuxury French Sparkling Easter Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Luxury French Sparkling Easter Hamper

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  • Penfolds Cab Sauv & French Sparkling Wine HamperPenfolds Cab Sauv & French Sparkling Wine Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Penfolds Cab Sauv & French Sparkling Hamper

    $127.25 Add to cart
  • Premium Barossa Red and White Wine HamperPremium Barossa Red and White Wine Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Barossa Red & White Hamper

    $127.95 Add to cart
  • Premium James Squire Beer & Wine HamperPremium James Squire Beer & Wine Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Premium Beer & Wine Hamper

    $131.95 Add to cart
  • Easter Extravagance Hamper With Easter EggsEaster Extravagance Hamper With Easter Eggs
    FREE Delivery

    Easter Extravagance Hamper

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  • Moet Champagne HamperMoet Champagne Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Moet Champagne Hamper

    $171.95 Add to cart
  • Glenmorangie Single Malt Whisky HamperGlenmorangie Single Malt Whisky Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Glenmorangie Whisky Hamper

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  • Gourmet Extravagance HamperGourmet Extravagance Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Gourmet Extravagance Hamper

    $225.95 Add to cart
  • Veuve Clicquot Champagne HamperVeuve Clicquot Champagne Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Veuve Clicquot Hamper

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  • Veuve Yellow Label Christmas HamperVeuve Clicquot Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Veuve Yellow Label Christmas Hamper

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  • Penfolds 28 Shiraz Extravagance HamperPenfolds 28 Shiraz Extravagance Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Penfolds 28 Shiraz Extravagance Hamper

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  • Penfolds 311 Chardonnay Extravagance HamperPenfolds 311 Chardonnay Extravagance Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Penfolds 311 Chardonnay Extravagance Hamper

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  • Moet Champagne Extravagance HamperMoet Champagne Extravagance Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Moet Extravagance Hamper

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  • Penfolds Baby Grange & Moet Champagne HamperPenfolds Baby Grange & Moet Champagne Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Penfolds Baby Grange & Moet Hamper

    $334.95 Add to cart
  • Penfolds Baby Grange & Veuve Clicquot HamperPenfolds Baby Grange & Veuve Clicquot Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Penfolds Baby Grange & Veuve Clicquot Hamper

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  • Penfolds Baby Grange Extravagance HamperPenfolds Baby Grange Extravagance Hamper
    FREE Delivery

    Penfolds Baby Grange Extravagance Hamper

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Gourmet hamper ideas to suit all special occasions

Shopping for the perfect gift hamper has never been easier since the arrival of Australian Gourmet Gifts, and our Melbourne customers have lots of gourmet hampers to choose from. Foodies, connoisseurs, and loved ones appreciate exploring and enjoying gourmet gift hampers for any special occasion. Select your favourite gourmet hamper for:

  • Christmas gifts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Easter
  • New baby gifts
  • Corporate gifts

Whatever the occasion, gift ideas from Australian Gourmet gifts will make the day a special one.


Hampers and gift baskets available at affordable prices

If you are looking for a quality gift basket full of delicious treats for an affordable price, look no further. Australian Gourmet Gifts delivers a great range of budget-friendly hampers just for you, with many of our most popular hampers available for under $100. Ideas include:

  • Gourmet Sensations Hamper
  • Maggie Beer Sparkling Ruby Hamper
  • Premium Gourmet Christmas Hamper
  • Gourmet Vegan & Gluten-Free Sensations Hamper

Beautifully presented gourmet hampers which have been carefully curated

We partner with the best Australian and international gourmet food and wine producers to bring you specialty snacks, nibbles, drinks, and other goodies. We also understand the wow-factor of carefully curated presentation. Every item in Australian Gourmet Gifts hampers has been hand-picked for quality, taste, and a hint of decadence. Pamper your loved ones taste buds with savoury and sweet sensations that are truly irresistible.


Find the perfect mothers and father’s day gift

Spoil mum and dad the gourmet way with a gift basket jam-packed with goodies. We make sure your special occasion gift giving is totally satisfying. Luxury hampers are exciting to receive and fun to explore, such as the Gourmet Connoisseur Hamper containing:

  • Ogilvie Fine Foods – Honey with Gold Flakes with Dipper 300g
  • Ogilvie Fine Foods – Roast Beetroot & Balsamic Relish 255g
  • Kangaroo Island – Smoked Kalamata Olives 185g
  • Australian Country Gourmet – Fig & Cinnamon Jam 180g
  • Australian Country Gourmet – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 150ml
  • OB finest Wafer Crackers 100g
  • Olina’s Artisan Raisin & Pumpkin Seed 100g
  • Charlie’s Raspberry Bliss Mini Melting Moments 100g
  • Charlie’s Traditional Australian Choc Chip Bites 125g
  • The Natural Nut Company – Elite Fruit & Nuts Mix 120g (no peanuts)


Al Fresco Picnic with family enjoying a food basket

Treat your loved one with a Gourmet food hamper presented in a gift box

Capture the delight on your loved one’s face when a beautiful gift box from Australian Gourmet Gifts arrives at the door. We are Australia’s favourite gift box delivery service for birthday hampers, corporate hampers, get well hampers and more. You can even include a personalised message on the gift card to show her or him just how much you care.

Gourmet hampers to suit those special birthday milestones

Celebrate birthday milestones in style with a gourmet hamper. The irresistible goodies will make it a birthday to remember. Foodies love gourmet hampers, and great alternatives from Australian Gourmet Gifts include wine gift hampers with your choice of classy Shiraz, Moet, and other famous wines from premium producers. Celebrate your way with Australian Gourmet Gifts.



Personalise your corporate gift hampers

It’s time to reward you staff, colleagues, clients and customers with corporate gift hampers that can be totally personalised. If you have a lot of people to thank, Australian Gourmet Gifts will prepare a spreadsheet with timeline for delivery to every one of your valued friends. You can personalise our hampers with products such as craft beer, red wine, white wine, champagne, spirits, vegan options, chocolates, savouries, sweets and more, with free delivery to your door anywhere in Melbourne.


Browse our range of gourmet wine hampers

It’s the festive season all year round with Australian Gourmet Gifts. Our amazing Wine, Champagne & Beer Hampers collection is second to none, with offerings that include:

  • Premium Beer & Wine Hamper – the best of both worlds
  • Penfolds Cab Sauv & French Sparkling Hamper – get the celebrations started
  • Little Creatures Beer Hamper – craft beer and nibbles at their finest
  • Glenmorangie Whisky Hamper – a special drink for a special person

The gourmet hampers include a large range of Australian made products

Melbourne leads the way when it comes to fine food and drinks. Australian Gourmet Gifts celebrates our amazing produce with a large range of premium Australian made products that you are bound to love. We source only the best wines, beers, and gourmet foodstuffs, all delivered to your door in an attractively presented gift box. We are excited about our diverse product range, and we know you and your loved ones will be too.


Most popular gourmet hampers available this year for Christmas

Australian Gourmet Gifts is all about celebrating special occasions, and the good times don’t get any better than Christmas. We aim to make Christmas a special one with your choice from dozens of amazing Christmas Hampers at very affordable prices. Some of our most popular Gourmet Christmas Hampers include:

  • Gourmet Sensations Hamper – loaded with premium Australian gourmet food treats
  • Wine Indulgence Hamper – elegant, affordable, and very tasty
  • Premium Gourmet Christmas Hamper – specially designed for the festive season
  • Penfolds Baby Grange & Moet Hamper – take your gift to the next level of opulence


Image showing free delivery Australia wide

Free delivery Australia wide for all gourmet hamper orders

For Australian Gourmet Gifts Melbourne customers, the checkout price you pay is the total price. In fact, we offer free delivery on all orders to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and other major population centres around Australia. Some regional and remote locations incur a small $9.95 delivery fee. We dispatch gift delivery same day for orders taken before 11:am EST, with all other orders dispatched next business day at the latest. Welcome to the world of stress-free gift hamper shopping, courtesy of Australian Gourmet Gifts.

Buying your gourmet hamper online at Australian Gourmet Gifts

We want your purchasing experience to be hassle-free and enjoyable, and it doesn’t get any easier than shopping online with Australian Gourmet Gifts. Simply add your favourite hampers to your virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout for fast transaction and speedy delivery straight to your door. We use SecurePay to ensure your payments are secure and your privacy is protected. No internet – no problem; give us a call on 1300 747 097 and a friendly assistant will get your order sorted in no time.



What is a gourmet hamper?

A gourmet hamper from Australian Gourmet Gifts contains premium quality drinks, nibbles, sweets, condiments and more, all presented in an attractive gift box. This is gift giving at its finest for delivery in Victoria, NSW, and anywhere else around Australia.

What are the most popular items in a gourmet hamper?

Gourmet hampers are a foodies paradise. Fine wines, spirits, and craft beers are also very popular, and we pair every drink with compatible taste sensations such as choc chip bites, fruit & nuts, Kalamata olives, fig & cinnamon jam, and other delicious treats.

What is the difference between a hamper and a gift?

A gift is usually a single item that is opened and appreciated. A hamper, on the other hand, is a combination of first-class gifts presented in a special gift box. A gift hamper is something that can be explored and enjoyed for days, weeks, or months.

How many gourmet hampers are available?

Australian Gourmet Gifts offers dozens of attractive hampers for every type of occasion or celebration. We are here to help you personalise Gourmet Food Hampers, Wine & Spirits Hampers, Birthday Hampers, Luxury Hampers, Housewarming Gift Hampers, and a great range of budget-friendly hampers under $100. Shop your way at Australian Gourmet Gifts, and get the party started in style.

Australian Gourmet Gifts
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