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Death by Easter Chocolate? Not This Year!

There comes a point in life when Easter loses its creamy, cocoa-scented delight. The holidays, the time with your relatives and the excitement on the kids’ faces are fantastic. However, when your teeth ache with every bite of Easter chocolate and you fantasise about the Easter Bunny’s snacks of lettuce and carrots, or every Easter is a cruel marathon of willpower not to lose your healthy lifestyle, it’s time to find an alternative to Easter chocolate! Today we check out the truth about Easter chocolate… and some alternatives, including Australian Gourmet Gifts’ best Easter hampers.

Easter Facts

Around 80% of us will celebrate Easter this year, and of those that do, around $131 will be spent per household.

The chocolate eggs produced and consumed will circle the globe several times.

And it’s not just the amount you spend that will be judged! Aussie chocolate icon Darrell Lea catalogued whether people were ‘shatterers’, ‘biters’, ‘imploders’, ‘melters’ or ‘stashers’ when it came to their Easter chocolate, and extrapolated many things about their personalities based on the way they eat their chocolate eggs or bunnies.

So, in a time when it is becoming more and more difficult to stay healthy and active, what are your alternatives?

Hot Cross Buns?

Easter’s other main tradition (which generally begins appearing in the shops around January 3rd!), is hot cross buns. These are a pleasant alternative to Easter chocolate, as long as you remember:

  • A single hot cross bun with butter contains around 200 calories and 8g of fat
  • Those with gluten sensitivities can’t enjoy hot cross buns
  • Hot cross buns don’t keep like chocolate or like hamper ingredients – they’ll only be good for a couple of days
  • Many people buy or bake their own!


Easter Toys

Stuffed bunnies and other toys can also be healthier alternatives to chocolate for Easter.

Just make sure that toys are age appropriate, made to last reasonably well, and will be needed. Kids with too many toys are known to become less creative, have shorter attention spans, develop better social skills and take better care of the toys they have.

Ditch the Death by Chocolate… For Hampers!

Easter symbolises a time of renewal, of plenty, of feasting and sharing. A hamper is the perfect symbol of bounty, with its vast range of different treats, both savoury and sweet.

And there are plenty of practical reasons that gift baskets or Easter hampers are the preferred gift this year, for both adults and kids!

  • The goodies in hampers have long use-by dates
  • They rarely melt or spoil in normal Easter weather
  • There is a good balance of savoury and sweet items, for those whose teeth complain every April, and for those whose teeth crave creamy-sweet cocoa!
  • Every item is chosen for maximum flavour – meaning only a little is needed for a lot of enjoyment
  • A hamper is a one-stop shop for your Easter picnic. You can’t just eat chocolate all day!

Our range of Easter hampers begins at a tempting $54.95 and runs all the way up to the 7-star Luxury Hamper, including a bottle of Moet and Penfolds Baby Grange (make sure you invite yourself to THAT picnic!). Ditch that sinking feeling in your stomach today, and get your tastebuds watering for Easter!

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