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Valentine’s Day Gifts: To Buy, or Not to Buy?

The Beatles taught us not to care too much for money, because money can’t buy us love. However, it often seems that age-old and very sensible advice goes out the window on Valentine’s Day!

While a Valentine’s Day gift can be an affirmation of your love and togetherness or a thoughtful way to make your partner feel fantastic, some people see it as a Hallmark holiday, and some gifts as nothing more than pandering to marketing. And from the ‘WorstVdayGifts’ hashtag on Twitter last year, we can see that some gifts are downright damaging to the relationship! Today we help you decide… should you buy a Valentine’s Day present, or not?

The Valentine’s Debate

Although Valentine’s Day has a long and rich tradition (it was not actually invented by Hallmark, as many suggest), some see it as purely a commercial holiday.

Your wife or husband may feel that displays of affection should be an everyday thing, rather than expecting a single gift to make up for months of poor relationship. Or they may feel that flowers or a box of Cadbury Roses are ‘lazy’ gifts that show they don’t really care about you.

Ask Them!

A great way to help you decide whether a Valentine’s Gift is warranted is by asking your partner what they are expecting or planning! “Do you ‘do’ Valentine’s Day?”, or “What do you think about Valentine’s Day in general?” are great starter questions.

Guaranteed Joy for Valentine’s Day

If you and your partner decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are some guidelines for ensuring that the gift or the experience live up to expectations. It’s not really that hard!

  • Get something that you both can enjoy together! A dinner date or a simple picnic with a Valentine’s Day hamper are easy and universally appreciated ideas. A bottle of wine to be drunk at the beach or a local lookout is also cheap and easy.
  • Think romantic. Not lustful, not clichéd! Choose something that you know will be special to your partner in particular. You might get away with functional gifts at Christmas, but not on Valentine’s Day!
  • Make sure the gift is really about your partner or you both as a pair – not about you. A Valentine’s gift will damage rather than endear if the buyer enjoys it more than the receiver.
  • Don’t make it too easy. Supermarket chocolate – no good. Florentine Milk Chocolate Strawberry Creams from our Luxury French Sparkling and Chocolate Hamper – a Valentine’s winner!
  • Don’t be cheeky or silly. Joke gifts tell your partner that you don’t seriously value the relationship. Joke gifts are for ANY other day of the year… apart from their birthday!

If this is a new relationship, it’s worth clarifying what your partner thinks of V-day in general. If you’re planning to buy gifts or go on a date, a Valentine’s Day gift hamper is the solution.

Our hampers start in the ‘very affordable’ range and go all the way up to ‘ultra-luxury’. Order today and get ready to feel the love!

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