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5 Fresh and Affordable Easter Hampers

So, you’re well and truly sick of the chocolate stuff-a-thon that occurs in Easter every year, and have committed to making this holiday fun, sociable, delicious… and Cadbury-free! Today we check out some of our most popular, affordable Easter-style hampers to choose from.


Gourmet Treats Hamper

This hamper has plenty of chocolatey treats… but without that cheap, chalky taste that ruins foil-wrapped eggs! Florentine Milk Strawberry creams, Gran’s Chocolate Fudge and Mr Rix Chocolate Sauce are all good for traditional Easter indulgences. Spread some Nuts About Life Gourmet Fig Jam on your hot cross buns and give that beautiful rainbow lollipop to the kids to share.


Organic Cider Hamper

What’s a long weekend without a refreshing beverage? The centrepiece of this hamper is the surprising organic pear cider, which is well-matched with the selection of Random Harvest Gourmet Salsas and organic Fine Wafer Crackers. With Kri Kri and a fruit and nut mix, this hamper is perfect for those who eat chocolate once in a blue moon.

Premium Beer Hamper

Again, if you can’t enjoy a beverage at Easter, when can you? The Premium Beer Hamper features one of Australia’s better-known boutique beers, Matilda Bay – their Fat Yak Pale Ale and Big Helga Lager will be the start of an obsession! The beer hamper has all the same extras as the organic cider hamper, with a glorious mix of savoury and sweet.


Luxury French Sparkling and Chocolate Hamper

For quality is far more important than quantity (ie, with your romantic partner and not your kids!), you have the Luxury French Sparkling and Chocolate Hamper. The wine is a sparkling chardonnay, Paul-Louis De Blancs of France, and offset beautifully by the creamy tingle of Florentine Milk Chocolate Strawberry Creams, Mr Rix Choc Sauce, and a Cholatier Assortment.


Gourmet Entertaining Hamper

Both this and the Luxury French Sparkling Hamper are currently available at 25% off their normal price! This all-in-one hamper includes all the fun ingredients for a yummy picnic, like tapenade, pesto, dukkah, crackers, fig jam and some sweet treats. A great Easter gift for a full family.

There are plenty more choices for indulgent hampers in store – check them out, or get some advice on which is best for you by contacting us!

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