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Why Gift Hampers are a Universal Option

Choosing the perfect gift is never easy unless you know the recipient of the gift as well as you know yourself. Even then, it can sometimes be difficult because there could be too many awesome options, or there could be not enough that reach your standard. No matter what situation you find yourself in, gift…

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5 Fresh and Affordable Easter Hampers

So, you’re well and truly sick of the chocolate stuff-a-thon that occurs in Easter every year, and have committed to making this holiday fun, sociable, delicious … and Cadbury-free! Today we check out some of our most popular affordable Easter-style hampers to choose from.   Gourmet Treats Hamper This hamper has plenty of chocolatey treats…

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8 Easy Sugar-Free Easter Gifts

Sugar-free and limited sugar diets are becoming more and more common. If you have a diabetic, a dieter, a baby/toddler, or just a nice healthy bunny to buy for this Easter, it’s time to start thinking of gifts that don’t come wrapped in colourful foil! Today we start you off with eight easy sugar-free Easter…

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Death by Easter Chocolate? Not This Year!

There comes a point in life when Easter starts to lose its creamy, cocoa-scented delight. The holidays, the time with your relatives and the excitement on the kids’ faces is fantastic. However, when your teeth ache with every bite of Easter chocolate and you fantasise about the Easter Bunny’s snacks of lettuce and carrots, or…

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Valentine’s Day Gifts: To Buy, or Not to Buy?

The Beatles taught us not to care too much for money, because money can’t buy us love. However, it often seems that age-old and very sensible advice goes out the window on Valentine’s Day! While a Valentine’s Day gift can be an affirmation of your love and togetherness or a thoughtful way to make your…

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5 Most-Loved Valentine’s Day Hampers!

So, you’ve realised that you can’t buy the same box of Roses or bottle of aftershave every Valentine’s Day … but what do you replace it with? At Australian Gourmet Gifts we have a handy selection of hampers that are just right for Valentine’s Day, and you can see them all in our Valentines Day…

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7 Happy Occasions to Give a Hamper

Christmas has managed to become synonymous with gift hampers over the years – the two words go together like pie and cream! Christmas hampers have carried many a family through a Boxing Day picnic after a lazy day of playing with presents rather than making sandwiches, and bolstered many a poor couple’s sore heads after…

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Supermarket Hampers for Christmas – Are They Good Value?

There are two types of Christmas hampers in this world – the fun ones, and the practical ones. When we think of ‘fun’ Christmas hampers, they’re usually packed with gourmet treats, rare or unusual flavours, or a specially created range of matched flavours. However, practical hampers have become a much-debated feature of life at Christmas…

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Have a Cheap and Cheery Christmas with 6 Hampers Under $60

The beginning of the silly season is almost officially here – when December 1 hits, we’ll all be humming along to ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ as we wander round the shops, wearing white fur-trimmed red floppy hats to work, and some of us (not me!) will drag our flashing reindeer earrings out of the…

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