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Cupid’s Curiosities: 6 Lovable Uncommon Valentine’s Day Gifts and Dates

There are quite a few segments of society that seem to miss out on all the excitement of a traditional Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are out for hay-fever sufferers. Chocolate is not good for diabetics… or indeed, anyone on a diet. Eating out is a lovely experience, but can be costly… and love shouldn’t be only for the rich! But you know what? Love is about doing it your way, so today we explore 6 lovable, non-traditional gifts and their perfect settings for this Valentine’s Day.

  1. A Hamper at the Zoo
    Pop a Premium Beer Hamper on your arm, and make your way to the zoo in your city for a deliciously unusual Valentine’s Day experience! The Premium Beer Hamper is full of easy nibbles, the zoo is full of conversation starters, adventures, wonders, and baby animals.
  2. Garden Picnic Treasure Hunt
    Relive all the childish joy of Easter with your loved one by setting up a garden picnic treasure hunt! Grab a Moet Picnic Hamper and hide the ingredients around the garden. Have fun finding the bits and pieces and bringing them back to the picnic blanket. Set this up early in the morning, or when the sun is setting, to ensure that your Moet doesn’t get too warm.
  3. A Day Off
    Don’t just ring up your partner’s boss and tell them they’ve got a bad cold and won’t be coming in! 72% of women in a recent survey said this was their preferred Valentine’s Gift. This is a day off from everything – housework, making their own breakfast and snacks, running their own bath, looking after the kids. The spouse who does most of the housework will likely appreciate this one most.
  4. Ice Cream at the Beach
    It’s still pretty hot in Australia on February 14, and there’s nothing sweeter than walking along the beach with ice-cream cones… and your partner! Go at the end of the day when the crowds have disappeared.
  5. A Night of Music
    Concerts are a fantastic Valentine’s date – there’s something about music that relieves stress and engages us that little bit more with life and love. Go for an outdoor concert, and preferably one where you can set up your own chairs or picnic blanket rather than being crammed into a packed stadium. Don’t forget your Gourmet Entertaining Hamper – and watch your nibbles, others will want to share!
  6. Make Something
    Lots of people have a talent for creating things – whether it is dinners, desserts, cards, knitted scarves, or cutting boards. When you make something, you are truly giving something of yourself to your partner, creating something that they can’t help but cherish.

If you hate the idea of doing what every other man/woman in the entire Western world is doing for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start branching out. You don’t need any great romantic talent or a gift for poetry… just order your Valentine’s hamper in time!


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