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8 Easy and Romantic Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends

So, you’ve been dating long enough to know you want to get her something for Christmas… but you aren’t quite sure what that ‘thing’ should be? Or perhaps you’ve been together for so long that you’ve used up all of your great gift ideas? Buying Christmas gifts for new girlfriends can be a bit of a tricky process – before you’re communicating really well, gifts come with a lot of subtexts that can sometimes be misread.

Today we take the possibility of being misunderstood out of the occasion, with 8 gift ideas that come with nothing except love between the lines.

1. Gift Hamper

A hamper isn’t just a bunch of snacks and drinks in a basket – it’s a promise of fun, and an opportunity to spend time together. Think of a great spot to enjoy your Christmas hamper together, grab your blanket and esky and make it happen!

2. Perfume

A perfume sampler can be a good idea for new girlfriends. That way she can let you know which one she liked best… and you’ve got a ready-made gift idea for next year. For old flames… you should already know her favourite!

3. Tickets

Like a hamper, this is an opportunity to spend time together more than the experience.

4. Name-a-Star

One of the least substantial but most utterly romantic gifts EVER. There is not a woman alive who won’t swoon at your feet when you tell her you’ve named a star after her…

5. Romantic Coupons

Handwritten coupons for massages, candlelit home-cooked dinners or nights completely absolved of responsibility for housework are always appreciated!

6. Jewellery

For new girlfriends, pendants and earrings are PC. For longer-term flames, be guided by your judgement. One thought – rings always comes with subtext, and almost inevitably needs to be resized!

7. Books

Even non-readers can usually find a book to be inspired by – a how-to, an amazing autobiography, a book of wonderful quotes… or even a voucher to buy just what SHE wants.

8. Something Home-Cooked

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be out of your comfort zone – but cooking (especially for a new woman), is a great way to win her over.
Buying a Christmas gift or Melbourne Christmas Hampers for your girlfriend doesn’t need to be hard – simple and heartfelt is best!

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