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9 Reasons Why Hampers Make for Happy Staff at Christmas!

Have you spent hours agonising over what to buy your staff this Christmas? Well, it’s time to stop – we’ve found the perfect thing for every one of YOUR employees, and every one of those gifts can be as different as you like! The ideal staff Christmas gift is a hamper – here’s the top reasons why.

  1. Everybody Loves Them!

    Although you can’t guarantee that every employee will love everything in a hamper, you can guarantee that everybody will at least like something that they get!

  2. They’re Swappable

    You don’t have to predict every one of your employee’s tastes perfectly – once somebody finds out that the woman in the next office doesn’t eat chocolate, but she does love the red wine that they don’t drink, the happiness will equalise.

  3. They’re Scalable

    You can make a hamper as big of an affair (up to the $6900 Supreme Extravagance Hamper!), or as cost effective as you like.

  4. They’re Sharable

    Christmas is a time of shared cheer, and hampers are definitely built for sharing. Nobody can drink a whole bottle of wine by themselves, make their way through an entire bottle of truffle oil or jar of relish.

  5. They’re Unique

    Most of the ingredients that go into gift hampers come from tiny boutique wineries, food-eries or treat-eries! They aren’t the type of thing that you can get on the supermarket shelves – whatever flavours or gifts you decide to put in a hamper, you can usually guarantee that your staff won’t be able to pick up the same thing at their local Safeway.

  6. They’re Beautifully Presented

    For the stickytape-challenged among us, all AGG hampers come pre-wrapped and beautifully presented.

  7. They’re FBT Exempt

    As a non-entertainment gift, a hamper is exempt from FBT. Means more cash to put towards next year’s gift!

  8. They’re All About the Best Things in Life

    AGG hampers are exclusively focused on luxury and pampering – it’s the jams, the desserts and the indulgent little snacks that make it into AGG hampers. Your staff can select their own ‘base’ foods, and use the hamper to make them extra special.

  9. They Wouldn’t Buy Them for Themselves

    One of the golden rules of Christmas buying is to buy a gift that people wouldn’t usually bother buying for themselves. Christmas Hampers from Australia definitely fit that bill for your staff – most people would never spoil themselves that much, but they certainly appreciate it when you tell them they are worth all that indulgence!

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